Monday, August 19, 2013

 The Lord is My Shepherd

To be called a sheep is not exactly flattering, but knowing that I have a Shepherd makes it more palatable :)

Having a Shepherd means that I will be well cared for and vigilantly watched over; never alone. It means that my name is known; I am not just some faceless sheep amidst the flock.  It assures me that should I be injured, my wounds will be carefully dressed.  Even during the night I will be surrounded by His protection. 

The Shepherd will lead me from pasture to pasture in search of the best food for me.  He will provide nourishment, making sure I always have enough.  He knows when I need to have some quiet rest time beside a stream of water, where He can restore and refresh me.  I may have to navigate some rough places with Him.  I may even have to climb some rocky mountain trails or pass through some dark valleys but I can be confident that He will be leading the whole time.  He promised never to leave me.  There probably will be times when He actually needs to carry me.  The times I stray off on my own, thinking I know best, He will patiently come searching for me.

So maybe being called a sheep isn’t so bad after all.  The hardest decision I have to make is: will I trust Him? Allow Him to be my Shepherd? To lead me even when it doesn’t make sense?  He stands waiting for my answer… and yours.

Scripture:  Psalm 23, Ezekiel 34:31