Thursday, May 30, 2013


 GOD or Giants

Giants clank around in my head, vying for supremacy.   I am in the midst of preparation for a God-assignment in Paraguay and so I am facing giants assigned to whisper lies in my head…the giant of fear and intimidation, the giant of insecurity, the giant of inadequacy, the giant of unbelief etc.  You know what they sound like- you have heard them yourself.  

I know the promises from the Lord…

He will never leave nor forsake me    Heb.13:5
The Lord Almighty is with me   Ps 46:11
The battle is not mine but the Lord’s   2 Chron 20:17
Be strong and courageous; do not be afraid or terrified     
      because the Lord is with me wherever I go!!!    Joshua 1:9
God will give me the words and I will triumph   Is 50:4, 7
I don’t need to fear because He is with me   Is 41:10
God, who is in me, is greater than my giant   1 John 4:4

But these promises do not keep me from having to face those giants…they are still there.  I just have to choose my focus…giants or God.   Will I believe the lies of the giants whispered so loudly or will I believe that God will show up for me as promised.

I have a choice…
But so do you….