Sunday, August 30, 2015

Restless Heart

late afternoon sun
beckons my restless heart to 
aimlessly wander
as a dragonfly flutters
over golden water

Monday, August 24, 2015

I trust You
yet my fearful heart
betrays that trust
wanting yet another
sign to confirm
its really YOU
Oh, will You be angry?
But I don’t understand
I love you and I am patient
I want your fledgling faith
to grow into belief.
But I cant see You
I can’t feel You
What if I am wrong?
Is that so bad?
Well.. I need to be right
I don’t want to disappoint You
You wont because your heart is right
Yes but
No buts I wont let you go
Im watching over your journey
But what if I screw up?
Then we will go back and try again
But I want to be right the first time
Sweetheart remembers perfection is a mask
unattainable!!  Youll never learn if you always
get it right the first time
Ok, but.
NO buts!
All I am asking you to do is
TRUST MEtrust Me to lead you
and guide you.
 I have my hand on you so you wont
stumble far.
This is so hard for one who needs to be right.
Yep!... its all about how you want people to
See you- perfect
Ouch, that hurts!!
Yes but it is the truth
Ok then.I need to surrender my faulty thinking, right?
Yep :)

Sunday, August 9, 2015