Thursday, February 21, 2013

I took a walk around the block with my 20 month old granddaughter the other day. My big hand was holding her tiny one tightly.  We walked slowly; little legs take tiny steps.  We had to stop frequently to touch and feel the remaining little snow piles along the way.  My strong hand steadied her when she tripped or stumbled on the uneven sidewalk. 

This is such a picture of my Father who holds me with His strong right hand (Ps. 18:35), guiding me, steadying me as we walk this journey of life together.  I don’t have to be afraid; I can trust Him, just as my granddaughter trusted me on our walk.  I am sure she never even thought to doubt my ability to protect her.  No wonder Jesus said that we need to become like little children to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

I am also sure that He would also love it if I took more time to touch and feel the “snow piles”- the wonders He’s created; not running so fast through life, missing the thousand little things He put there for me to enjoy.

So… anyone want to take a slow walk to touch the snow?

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