Sunday, May 19, 2013

Soul-Need for Significance

My soul's journey has been rocky and wearisome, trying to find significance   in other people.  My insecurities tend to poke out at all the wrong places, exposing my soul's desperate need.  At times, actually many times, I think   He has withheld the affirmation of others so that I would dash to Him with   my craving soul.  Oh my soul, you must find that place of satisfaction that   He alone is able to give.  He is jealousy waiting for me to turn my craving  soul towards His heart.  His arms must get tired of waiting for me to come.  He stands longing to enfold me in His loving embrace... that embrace that satisfies to the bone marrow.

The pain of surrender throbs through my heart's veins, threatening to burst and destroy.  Instead, His rest. His embrace, His love holds me together, accepting my marred gift.  As I slowly look up, meeting His eyes, I see that tender smile and hear, "thank you".

How can he accept such imperfection, such ugliness?  I hear Him whisper, "That's what I wanted all along. Now I can give you Me."

Oh, my heart weeps at such grace!

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