Sunday, July 28, 2013

The corn was flat; other tender plants in a tangle.  Quite a few storms (with wind etc.) had just passed through the area that Wednesday afternoon, leaving the garden soggy and muddy.

As we stood there viewing it, we felt helpless.  I tried to encourage my gardener hubby that at least our house was dry with no internal flooding.

The weekend was hot and sunny.  We were gone for the weekend; when we returned, the majority of the corn was standing.  Maybe there is a scientific explanation, but to us, and one little guy praying, a miracle!

It got me thinking.  The storms of life can be tough, even brutal.  At times they can even lay us out flat, seemingly hopeless of ever recovering from the damage.

But time in the presence of Jesus, the Divine “Sun”, will slowly but surely bring you back up to standing position.  You will be OK.

 About 2 weeks later!  Amazing... I think!

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  1. Love this blog, Margaret. You are a beautiful writer.