Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Heart’s door locked within
Holding the key to freedom…
Will I insert it?

The prison cell is locked.  You stand holding the key- trying to decide if you’ll insert it.  You know it’s the key to freedom but…. Freedom is risky.  Maybe it would be better to stay in the cell, at least you know what to expect, even though you are miserable.

God stands outside, longing for you to open the door, to invite Him in, to make space for Him.  He won’t force it but He invites you to trust Him.  He understands how hard that is.  BUT IT IS YOUR CHOICE.

Yes, opening that door is risky.  But will you join me in choosing to believe that inserting the key will bring a life  we’ve only dreamed of…. that it will bring a love we have  craved?

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