Sunday, February 2, 2014

In the Middle

I find myself in the middle of a battlefield.  Everywhere I look there is sabre and sword.  For a moment my mind wonders to, how did I get here? Who signed me up for this?  I certainly don’t remember doing it.  I fight and claw my way, focusing on trying to stay alive.  At times I wonder why not just lay down and die- get it over with.  What is the use anyhow?  Who will even care?  Why continue to fight?  My eyes are fastened on the enemy swarming around me.  Where are my friends?  Do I even have any?  Who can rescue me?  I am tired…. too tired to fight anymore.  I think it would be easier to just give up; then it would be over!  At that moment my ear picks up a whisper of music.  I stop in my tracks; arms limp at my side.  Where in the world could the music be coming from- this is a battle field, for pity sakes!?  I turn my head not caring if the enemy plunges my heart any more. There it is again.  It sounds like, no it cannot be, but it sounds like a trumpet... like some sort of battle call.  Slowly I raise my eyes upward, searching.  But it is getting louder as I lift my eyes, off the enemy.  Then there, in the middle of the fray, I see it.  It is a banner of sorts waving high above the enemy troops.  For a mire moment the battle fades and I read what it says as I squint my eyes.  LOVE it says.  Love?  Love?  What does that mean?  My eyes fall at bit and then I see Him, sitting on a white horse coming my way.  Can it be?  Can it really be someone coming to rescue me?  Not a chance! But He keeps coming with that LOVE banner waving over the enemy.  Wow!  I think I am about to be rescued, taken out of this mess.  WOOHOO!  Then He is beside me, wielding a sword on my behalf.  I hear Him say, how I am not sure because I am suddenly aware of the battle noise again, but I hear His voice say, “I am here to help you fight.  This battle is not yours alone.  I died for YOUR victory but you must stand firm and fight.  Yes you must fight BUT I am beside you, fighting to give YOU the victory”.  Suddenly my lonely, despairing heart is strengthened.  With every flash of His sword, life returns to my spirit. With every utterance of His Truth, courage rises up within me. He holds out His nail scarred hand to me...a lifeline of love. I take
it and am gently encouraged to stand and to re-engage in the battle for my life. I stand in the strength that I have and with Him it is more than enough. I sense His good pleasure and overwhelming compassion. I know He will bear the brunt of
this battle. I hold my head up under the banner of LOVE, as the enemy’s taunts are swallowed up by the marvelous light of His presence and the sounds of His mighty army, my brothers and sisters. My strength returns. He is all I see. I am somehow on higher ground, being moved forward by a great mass of warriors. We are as one and we are taking back the land together. I am not alone! I was not left behind on the battlefield! He came for me! I re-enter the fray in praise and with the victorious words of Life! The enemy will be defeated!

A song that goes right along with this post is OVERCOMER by Mandisa

written with my friend, Kim Dent.... you can find her at