Sunday, March 9, 2014

If Only...

     It’s amazing how one small red and white sippy cup can create so much frustration and even temper tantrums.  You see, a few months back my little grandson was being weaned off the bottle … to the sippy cup… cold turkey!  No other way to do it; given the choice he always chose the bottle.
    He could not see the bigger picture like we could.  It was a battle of the wills!  He certainly did not want to surrender his “rights” to the bottle, his comfort zone.
    So like us… we think we know best.  We like our comfort zones.  Then… God asks us to surrender something…. something out of our comfort zone, one of our “rights”.  Oh the fits we pitch, digging in our heels with a defiant “NO” or a tearful, fearful “I can’t” …. But FINALLY, after much struggle, we surrender.  It’s only then we realize the joy and greater freedom that is ours.
    If only we could have made one little blonde-haired little boy understand, it would have saved him so much turmoil.   And God is probably saying to us,” If only you would understand the joy and freedom that awaits if you'd just surrender!  Trust Me in this…I love you too much to leave you in your comfort zones”
    So what will it be… the bottle or the sippy cup?

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