Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sometimes life happens so fast, its hard to keep up. So I apologize to you if you have been wondering if the “to be continued” would ever be continue.  Today our   precious little girl with the big brown eyes, Semira Joy, has her first birthday.  And she weighs over 16 lbs.  God is so good.

It wasn’t too long after we sent the first batch of special formula that we were    informed that the supply was depleted.  Even though it had been designated for her and we had sent plenty, we are sure the other babies benefitted from it as well,    especially when we found out that formula was in short supply.

So we were back to finding a way to send more formula.  This time God provided a mother in California to carry it when she went to bring her adopted child home. By this time we had been informed that she had gained some weight..  We waited through February,  March and part of April, praying daily that God would move the case quickly since we knew that she was not thriving.  In the midst of this, her mama had to have emergency surgery.  We are sure God delayed the process in   order to give her enough time to heal, but it still didn’t keep us from praying “hurry". Then God moved!!  Normally, once a case is submitted to embassy, it takes weeks or even months.  Ours took 6 days.  So travel plans were made and tickets purchased.  A few days before my two daughter-in-laws were to leave, the one going along came down with a bad case of the flu.  So unexpectedly, I found myself once again going to Ethiopia, but this time to help bring our little one home.

When I arrived and saw her, I was amazed at how much she had changed in the 3 months since I had last seen her.  We spent a few days getting acclimated.  After a long trip home (and she did really well), Semira  landed at Columbus International Airport, an American citizen.  Tears of joy!! and thankfulness that God had brought her home!!  Our miracle.

So, our precious miracle from the Lord has a story that is still being written and we are excited to see the plans and purposes God has for her life.

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