Friday, July 13, 2012

Songs in the Storm

Thunder peals, in terrifying echoes, bang across the heavens, chasing each other.  Wind lashes the trees as hail and rain beat against my windows.  I confess I am not a huge fan of storms.  I understand why they happen and that they are necessary to vacuum clean the atmosphere.  I know that BUT I also know how powerful they are and what destruction can result.  It’s the not knowing that strikes fear in my heart.  And I am alone!  I pray for protection and for the God of the storm to quiet my fearful heart.  Then I wait.

I am finally able to lay in bed as the storm moves eastward.  And then I hear it.  I hear the music- music created by the storm.  The wind chimes outside my bedroom window were playing a deep Key-of-D melody for me; and it was only because of the storm.  I listened and was quieted.

In life, storms hit, expected and unexpected.  I need to let the God of the storms quiet me and I need to choose to listen for the music.  If I don’t, my focus will be on what is happening around me.  It’s certainly not easy to hear the music; it takes a refocusing on the God of the storm.

I have a feeling there is a song in every storm but I have to CHOOSE to quiet my fearful heart and listen for it.

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